Vulkan Rato DS Coupling


Torque range
from 6.3 kNm up to 160.0 kNm

Rigidly mounted engines

The highly flexible RATO DS coupling has been specially designed for use in installations requiring a high level of torsional flexibility and medium level of misalignment capacity. Supplementing the all-round RATO S. The RATO DS has been developed to offer an application - orientated coupling design. Specially for rigidly mounted ship´s main propulsion. The 3 available stiffnesses enable a good tuning of the system with respect to both the transient and steady-state torsional vibration response. In the tradition of VULKAN Couplings, a backlash free torque transmission is achieved. When required a torque limiting device can be fitted.


Collections: Vulkan Couplings

Type: Gearbox

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