Salt Away SAMI

Salt Away

  • Salt-Away's Mixing Unit is the most popular way to dispense the Salt-Away Concentrate formula.
  • Salt-Away's Mixing Unit, International (Part Number: SAMI), is especially packaged with parts to accommodate international customers whose local plumbing threads are different from American water hose threads.
  • Included is ½ of a Quick Connector set (2 pieces) required to adapt the Salt-Away Mixing Unit to water hoses with threads different from American hose threads. The customer must supply the other ½ of a Quick Connector set made with threads that fit local water hoses to make the connection complete.
  • The Mixing Unit is the required delivery system for many Salt-Away applications, including Outboard, I/O, PWC Jet Engine Flushes, most Inboard Flushes, and Pressure Washers. For Pressure Washers, connect inline between the water hose and the hose inlet connection on the pressure washer. Either size reservoir, 6 fl oz (177 ml), or 12 fl oz (355 ml), can be chosen for any of these applications.


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Type: Outboard

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