90-1372 AIRSEP Kit



Originally configured for marine applications, the AIRSEP® is now available for all applications that use diesel engines, such as trucks, buses, RVs, Industrial engines, and even power generation. New AIRSEPS® have been designed to meet the increasing popularity of natural gas-fueled engines, as well. For heavy-duty applications, our high-efficiency CCE® series AIRSEP® is the product of choice.


90-1372 AIRSEP Kit

  • Designed for Mercruiser 1.7L marine diesel engines
  • This unit has a washable air filter, however the integrated AIRSEP air oil separator is rated for 500 hours, after that, just replace the complete unit.
  • Replaces stock plastic "mushroom cap" with wire mesh.
  • ncludes all the parts you generally need for installing and AIRSEP on a 1.7L (1 7,17, 17L) marine diesel engine. (Some minor fittings to complete installation may need to be obtained locally depending on the configuration or age of your engine).

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