1001139 AIRSEP CCE FIELD SERVICE KIT 10" x 14" Tapered CCE Air Filter



Originally configured for marine applications, the AIRSEP® is now available for all applications that use diesel engines, such as trucks, buses, RVs, Industrial engines, and even power generation. New AIRSEPS® have been designed to meet the increasing popularity of natural gas-fueled engines, as well. For heavy-duty applications, our high-efficiency CCE® series AIRSEP® is the product of choice.


1001138 AIRSEP FIELD SERVICE KIT 10" x 14" Traditional Tapered Air Filter

  • For 10" diameter AIRSEPS on MTU Series 60 and early model Series 2000 marine diesel engines.
  • Recommended for any 10" traditional AIRSEP that uses a 10" x 14" Tapered air filter, where the filter is secured with springs, or a single set screw at the very end of the assembly, used in marine applications
  • Includes:
    • Two (2) 10" x 14" Tapered Air Filters, to service two (2) CCE AIRSEPS.
    • Each convenient (TWO-PAK) kit contains: Two (2) CCE 10" diameter x 14" tall (CD185) Air Filters, AND one (1) air filter cleaning kit AAF1016.

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